NEW – WP Tube 5 is here!

January 20th, 2015 12 comments

WP Tube V5.0 responsive

Yes, WP Tube 5 is finally here (DEMO) and it’s AWESOME! 

New features added the new WP Tube theme:

  • Responsive design for mobile devices and tablets users
  • Possibility to run a blog section inside your tube website
  • Extended YouTube support: automatic thumbnail and video duration!
  • Improved Theme Options page with typography
  • New versions notification, for one-click updates within WordPress Dashboard
  • Support for custom post-type
  • Easy Setup, no FTP needed

WP Tube version 5 is compatible with old tube themes, you can update your old theme in a few steps.

WP Tube 4.0
WP Tube 5.2
RESPONSIVE design for tablets and mobile devices
Possibility to run a BLOG on your tube
Extended YouTube support: AUTOMATIC thumbnail and video duration
Improved Theme Options page with typography
ONE-CLICK updates within WordPress Dashboard
Custom Post-Type Support
Self-Hosted Videos
Translation Ready
‘Sort By’ feature





$29 USD




Check the new features in this 3 minutes video:

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Version 5.0 is coming!

June 1st, 2014 18 comments

This is Daniele and I’m a WordPress developer based in the Amsterdam, Netherlands.

I just took over Free WP Tube from Greg and I’m excited to send out this little presentation and announcement today!

First of all I want to reassure you: the support is still here, the themes are still here and work without any problems. You can get in touch with me directly from the contact page or leaving a comment below.


Free WP Tube Theme version 5.0 is alive and kicking

The number one priority is now to work on the new version 5.0 that many of you are waiting for a long time.

Those are the main new features planned:

  • Responsive design: this is #1 request now that 40% of tube traffic is coming from tablets and mobile (source: Youtube)
  • Full-width page template: for wider pages with no sidebar, more space for the videos!
  • Using a custom post type: this is a code change that will allow to run a blog on a tube website

At the moment I don’t have a release date, as the programming will require some time and we have to test carefully the update procedure.


Stay tuned!

You won’t need to check the website every day, to stay informed on the new version just join the new mailing list:


Talk to you soon!

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Free setup service for beginners

May 1st, 2014 26 comments

If you are a new webmaster and are not sure how to install WordPress and setup our theme or any other theme, we will do it for you for FREE! That’s right, we will set up your site for FREE!

Here is what we will do for FREE:

  • install WordPress on your hosting
  • install our tube theme for you
  • set up all the needed plugins
  • set up search engine friendly permalinks
  • teach you how to use our theme and add new posts/videos
  • show you how to add advertising to your site and make money

How do you qualify for this FREE offer? Sign up for the best webhosting at Hostgator by clicking this link.

Even better, get 30% off your order! That’s right, 30% discount if you use our coupon code WPTube.
We recommend their Baby Plan, it only costs $7.95 after the first month and you can add unlimited domains!

After you sign up for their hosting, just contact us and send us log in details. Also, give us some info about the site (site name, theme…).

Sign up with 30% discount here, don’t forget to use coupon code WPTube.

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Submit your ideas for version 5.0

August 4th, 2013 9 comments

Let us know what you would like to have in the new version of Free WP Tube. The layout, functions… We would like to hear from you in the comments below!

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NEW – Free WP Tube 4.0 is here!

February 8th, 2011 215 comments

Yes, Free WP Tube 4.0 is finally here (DEMO) and it’s AWESOME! Great design, unbelievable features and best of all, it’s FREE!

Key facts about the new free tube theme:

  • compatible with old tube themes (you can change your old theme for new one fast)
  • better, modern design
  • completely configurable from admin panel, no need to do anything in the code!
  • needs WordPress 3.0+

Some cool stuff about this theme:

  • completely settable menus (WordPress 3.0+ style). Add or remove items from top menu with ease. Create drop down menus and more. Super simple, using Menus option in admin panel
  • hide or show search bar
  • set the text displaying above the videos yourself (such as Latest Videos or Best Videos or whatever you want)
  • choose how to sort the posts on home page (random, most discussed, most viewed, top rated)
  • choose if you want sidebar left or right!
  • connect the site to your social network profiles with a single click
  • set favicon directly in your admin menu
  • upload your site logo using admin menu, no need to ftp and change code anymore!
  • if you don’t have a logo, write your site name and it will be displayed instead of logo, but still looking great
  • hide or show header ad
  • upload header ad in theme admin menu, no need to code
  • hide or show top right menu and choose pages you want to show there
  • upload footer ad using theme admin menu
  • show or hide footer widget area
  • set footer text (such as copyright info) in theme admin menu
  • enter Google Analytics code in theme admin menu directly
  • use widgets to set all your sidebars and footer spaces
Free WP Tube 4.0

Free WP Tube 4.0

IMPORTANT – Released under Creative Commons Attributions 2.5.

Would you like to remove the author attribution in the footer? Click here, it only costs $15!



Important – read the setup instructions, this new theme contains many features!

Current version is 4.0.1, updated February 17th 2011 (few very small bug fixes)

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Free WP Tube 4 Setup Instructions

February 8th, 2011 230 comments

This post contains information on how to setup Free WP tube 4.

Here are the basics, please follow them:

  1. Unzip the content. Package contains both the theme and plugin files. They need to be installed or uploaded separately, it is best to use a FTP client for that. If you use WP theme install function, make sure that you install theme and plugins separately, or your will get the “CSS file missing” error!
  2. Install WordPress and our theme, just like any other theme (we can do that for you for free, click here)
  3. put the plugins that come with the theme into your plugin directory and enable them
  4. Start adding videos (posts). Here is how:
  • Go to Posts/Add New
  • Type the title and text of the post
  • Choose the category for the post
  • Add the video. Go to Custom Fields area below the post text area
  • Add custom field named thumb with value being the URL to your thumbnail (see example in image below)
  • Add custom field named video_code and with value being your video embed code (see in example)
  • Add custom field named duration, value is video duration (example: 4:55)
  • If you want to promote a certain site with this video, you can also add link to that site, using:
  • paysite_url – URL of the Pay Site for single page. Example:
  • paysite_title – Title of the Pay Site for single page (you don’t have to set up paysite title and url if you don’t want

Example of how custom fields look like:


In WordPress 3.1+ you need to enable custom fields by clicking on Screen Options menu in top right corner and selecting them. See the image below:

screen options

4. Set up the number of posts displayed on front page in Settings/Reading

5. You can setup your your main page and video page sidebars and add ads or any other text in Apperance/Widgets. To ad html code for the Ad, simply use the Text Widget

6. In Apperance/Theme options you have A LOT of things you can customize. Please take a good look at that and read instructions there. The theme is easy to use from here on and incredibly customizable!

7. You can use Apperance/Menus settings to set up top menu. By default if shows categories, but you can set it to show anything you want

8. For top right and bottom menu use Theme Options menu and simple add post numbers you want to display there (example: 2, 24, 54)

9. You can edit how ratings look like (stars ratings on front page and all other pages) in Rating menu, on bottom of your Admin menu. Recommended template for front page is: %RATINGS_IMAGES_VOTE%

10. If you need any more help, please use the contact form on this site.

See the DEMO, it will also help you with easier setup.

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New Free WP Tube is here – version 3.0

October 17th, 2009 235 comments

We are proud to present new version of our Free WordPress Tube – 3.0. We also call it deluxe version, since it has a lot of new features.

Here are some of the new features:

  1. best layout possible – tested by many of biggest tubes out there
  2. 5 different designs! Personalize your theme with a simple click of a mouse! Stand out from the rest. Color themes available: black, green, red, yellow and blue!
  3. use text as title for quick setup or choose an image logo! Simply provide URL to your logo in the tube settings menu. No need to change the code to add your own logo!
  4. fully widget supported sidebars. Also on single video page. Add your ads or whatever your want with a single click from your control panel!
  5. header banner settable from the tube menu. No need to go into code.

Best of all, it’s free. Released under Creative Commons Attributions 2.5.

Would you like to remove the author attribution in the footer? Click here, it only costs $15!

Free WP Tube 3.0

Free WP Tube 3.0

Click for DEMO here.

Download: version retired, check WP Tube 5

Setup is very simple and it comes with all the needed plugins. Read install.txt file that comes with the tube. For the fastest adding of videos you can try BlogDesk. Please use latest version of WordPress for this new theme (2.8+) or you will get an error.

This is still just wordpress. It can not generate thumbs by itself. You need to either make a thumb an upload it to your server or hotlink to a thumb from sponsor or other site.
Here is what to do:
1. upload a thumb
2. go to custom fields below your post area (below of where you write post text).
3. create new custom field called “thumb” (without “”)
4. in value field put in url to thumb you uploaded or to thumb your sponsor or other site is hosting
5. click add custom field

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Original Free WordPress Tube Theme

June 26th, 2009 36 comments

This is the original free WordPress tube theme. It comes in two versions, general and adult (porn).

Please note that you are free to use this theme under the following rules in accordance with Creative Commons Attributions 2.5. This means the theme is free to use and change as long as you keep the author’s link in the template.

General audience tube theme: DEMO | version retired, check WP Tube 5

Adult (18+)  tube theme: version retired, check WP Tube 5

Check out recommended sponsors to use with your template here.

Important! This theme has NO bugs and works GREAT! Please read the attached install.txt file before asking any questions.

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