Can I add a slider to the theme?

Yes, we recommend the free plugin Master Slider.To make the slider visible, you have to add the code “<?php masterslider(1); ?>” to the file index.php as shown below:

<div class=”content-spacing margin-top-bottom”>
<?php masterslider(1); ?>
<div class=”row”>

You can use the slider for images and videos, however you can’t take automatically the thumbnail.


Can I automatically import videos to create an auto-videoblog?

Yes! You can do this with the Premium plugin PHPmyvideoblog. It supports WP Tube and supports popular & adult video providers.

Update: we don’t recommend this plugin anymore. The developer stopped supporting it causing lots of problems to the buyers.


Is it necessary to buy the license for each future releases?

No, you just buy once and we get all the updates in the future for free.

I’m willing to pay to have a feature or customization done, is it possible?

Yes, you can get in touch using the Contact Us page. We’ll provide a quote and the time required to deliver.

What is the difference between Posts and Videos in WP Tube 5? Where should I add my videos?

This is a new feature from WP Tube 5: custom post type.
If you want to run a blog section in your website (with a blog layout), select the post type to Videos in the Theme Options page.
After that, you can add your videos under the Videos section.
If you don’t need a blog, or you updated from WP Tube 4, we recommend to keep using Posts.
Check the DEMO to see the blog section in action.

Can I have comments using Ajax? (not reloading the page)

Yes, we recommend to use the WP-Ajaxify-Comments plugin. In the plugin settings you have to check the option Place scripts in footer.

How can I translate WP Tube in another language?

Starting with version 5.2, WP Tube is translation ready. You can translate the theme in your language in few simple steps:

  1. Download a translation editor like POEdit
  2. Open the file /WPTube/languages/wptube.pot in POEdit
  3. Translate the strings from English to your language
  4. Save the translated file using the international code under “WordPress Locale” here, for example fr_FR.po for French.
  5. In WordPress Dashboard, under Settings->General select the language (from WordPress 4.0), if you have a previous version… update immediately!

Can I replace KVS player with another video player?

Yes, you can do it following these steps:

  1. Edit the file /wptube/layout/video.php
  2. Search the line:

    echo kvs_player_content(“[flv:”.$video_file.” “.$thumb.” 100% 56.2%]”);

  3. Replace the line with the right PHP code for the player you’d like to use. Just remember that the video URL is $video_file and that the thumbnail is $thumb.

Please note that we do not provide support for video players. If needed, contact their customer support.



  • Koem Hok

    November 29, 2014

    How can i add the two or more video in one post?

  • daniele

    November 30, 2014

    Hi Koem,
    The idea is that each post contains a video.
    If you want a page with multiple videos, just create a Post like you would do with a normal blog post.

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