Free WP Tube 4.1 released

WP Tube 4.0 was released…. well… long time ago!

As you probably know, in the last year I focused on WP Tube 5 adding lots of features in it. And, free version of WP Tube has been discontinued.

But there are still lots of people using WP Tube 4, or trying WP Tube 4 before deciding to buy WP Tube 5.

For you all, I just released WP Tube 4.1 with some minor but important changes:

  • Simplified installation: the theme will require to install the plugins needed
  • Simplified user interface: in the Post edit page you’ll see the extra fields for videos, much simpler than working with custom_fields directly
  • Better admin messages: to make things more clear and indeed suggesting you to buy the greatest WP Tube 5 😉

As I like videos a lot, here is a 3 minutes one showing how to install WP Tube 4.1.

PS: Go Straight For WP Tube PRO! Order your copy now!


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