WP Tube 4 and PRO Setup Instructions (Free v4 Deprecated) !!!

Please be aware that the free version 4 is deprecated and we have the new WP Tube PRO version. 

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This post contains information on how to setup WP tube 4 and PRO

Here are the basics, please follow them:

  1. Unzip the content. Package contains both the theme and plugin files. They need to be installed or uploaded separately, it is best to use a FTP client for that. If you use WP theme install function, make sure that you install theme and plugins separately, or your will get the “CSS file missing” error!
  2. Install WordPress and our theme, just like any other theme
  3. Follow the instructions to install the required plugins.
  4. Start adding videos (posts). Here is how:
  • Go to Posts/Add New
  • Type the title and text of the post
  • Choose the category for the post
  • Add the video. Go to “WP Tube Options” area below the post text area
  • Set ‘URL Thumbnail’ with value being the URL to your thumbnail (see example in image below)
  • Set ‘Video Code’ with value being your video embed code (see in example)
  • Set ‘Duration’, value is video duration (example: 4:55)
  • If you want to promote a certain site with this video, you can also add link to that site, using:
  • paysite_url – URL of the Pay Site for single page. Example: http://www.google.com
  • paysite_title – Title of the Pay Site for single page (you don’t have to set up paysite title and url if you don’t want

Check this 3 minutes video to see how to install the theme:

4. Set up the number of posts displayed on front page in Settings/Reading

5. You can setup your your main page and video page sidebars and add ads or any other text in Appearance/Widgets. To ad html code for the Ad, simply use the Text Widget

6. In Appearance/Theme options you have A LOT of things you can customize. Please take a good look at that and read instructions there. The theme is easy to use from here on and incredibly customizable!

7. You can use Appearance/Menus settings to set up top menu. By default if shows categories, but you can set it to show anything you want

8. For top right and bottom menu use Theme Options menu and simple add post numbers you want to display there (example: 2, 24, 54)

9. You can edit how ratings look like (stars ratings on front page and all other pages) in Rating menu, on bottom of your Admin menu. Recommended template for front page is: %RATINGS_IMAGES_VOTE%

10. If you need any more help, please use the contact form on this site.


PS: Go Straight For WP Tube PRO! Order your copy now!


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