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  • 1. Can I have comments using Ajax? (not reloading the page)

    Yes, we recommend to use the WP-Ajaxify-Comments plugin. In the plugin settings you have to check the option Place scripts in footer.


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  • 2. Can I replace KVS player with another video player?

    Yes, you can do it following these steps:

    1. Edit the file /wptube/layout/video.php
    2. Search the line:

      echo kvs_player_content(“[flv:”.$video_file.” “.$thumb.” 100% 56.2%]”);

    3. Replace the line with the right PHP code for the player you’d like to use. Just remember that the video URL is $video_file and that the thumbnail is $thumb.

    Please note that we do not provide support for video players. If needed, contact their customer support.


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  • 3. What is the difference between Posts and Videos in WP Tube 5? Where should I add my videos?

    This is a new feature from WP Tube 5: custom post type.
    If you want to run a blog section in your website (with a blog layout), select the post type to Videos in the Theme Options page.
    After that, you can add your videos under the Videos section.
    If you don’t need a blog, or you updated from WP Tube 4, we recommend to keep using Posts.
    Check the DEMO to see the blog section in action.


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  • 4. I’m willing to pay to have a feature or customization done, is it possible?

    Yes, you can get in touch using the Contact Us page. We'll provide a quote and the time required to deliver.


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  • 5. Can I add a slider to the theme?

    Yes, we recommend the free plugin Master Slider.To make the slider visible, you have to add the code “<?php masterslider(1); ?>” to the file index.php as shown below:

    <div class=”content-spacing margin-top-bottom”>
    <?php masterslider(1); ?>
    <div class=”row”>

    You can use the slider for images and videos, however you can’t take automatically the thumbnail.


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  • 6. Is it necessary to buy the license for each future releases?

    No, you just buy once and we get all the updates in the future for free.


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  • 7. How can I translate WP Tube in another language?

    Starting with version 5.2, WP Tube is translation ready. You can translate the theme in your language in few simple steps:

    1. Download a translation editor like POEdit
    2. Open the file /WPTube/languages/wptube.pot in POEdit
    3. Translate the strings from English to your language
    4. Save the translated file using the international code under “WordPress Locale” here, for example fr_FR.po for French.
    5. In WordPress Dashboard, under Settings->General select the language (from WordPress 4.0), if you have a previous version… update immediately!


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  • 8. Can I automatically import videos to create an auto-videoblog?

    Yes! You can do this with the Premium plugin PHPmyvideoblog. It supports WP Tube and supports popular & adult video providers.

    However, I'm currently seeking a partnership for a videos auto-importing plug-in to be "native" integrated with WP Tube!

    Do you have one or know any you want to suggest?

    I would appreciate comments and suggestions. Send me your inputs using the Contact-Us form!

    Thank you,


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